We deliver:

  • Singlelayer / Doublelayer
  • Multilayer up to 24 Layer
  • Flex- & Starrflex
  • Impedance controlled HDI printed circuit board
    (HDI = High-Density-Interconnect)
  • Multilayer with Blind & Buried Vias

Among others we offer the following base materials:

  • FR4, TG135°
  • FR4, TG150°
  • FR4, TG170°
  • FR5
  • Polyimid
  • IMS, Isulated Metal Core
  • Flex- and base materials for Starrflex pcb
  • Rogers high frequency base materials
  • Arlon high frequency base materials
  • Neltec high frequency base materials


Contact us during your planing or layouting! Due to our worldwide network we can offer nearly every base material.


Abstract of list of base materials for UL production:

material types

  • CEM1/ CEM3
  • FR4 / FR5 (TG130/ TG150 / TG170)

We process your material requirements

material Manufacturer

  • ISOLA (e.g. Tachyon / ASTRA / I-Terra)
  • Rogers
  • Arlon (e.g. TC600)
  • Panasonic (e.g. Megtron)
  • Ventec
  • Kingboard
  • Shengyi (e.g. S1000)
  • ITEQ

We process your material requirements

We are happy to fulfill the material requirements for future projects. Talk to us if you want other materials.